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Email Server Setup 


Modules includes qmail, ezmlm and ezmlm-idx, qmail-autoresponder, vpopmail, maildrop, qmailadmin, courier imap/imaps with courierpassd, clam antivirus & spamassassin, squirrelmail web mail, qmail-scanner with qms-analog, qtrap
o Configured firewall
o 4 months warranty
o Fedora / Freebsd distro
o Excellent support
o Email for quotation




Induction for Working Safety & Health for CIVIL Worker Training 

o Registered trainer under NIOSH KUPON
o MALAYSIA (Klang Valley / Melaka) area ONLY
o Email for quotation
o Call +6012-3697260 for fast quote
o Reasonable training cost

o Berdaftar dengan NIOSH KUPON
o Kawasan MALAYSIA (Lembah Kelang / Melaka) sahaja
o Email untuk sebutharga
o Telefon +6012-3697260 untuk pertanyaan lanjut
o Harga yang berpatutan



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