The reporting panel is located at the left frame.

Booking Schedule

To view the booking schedule, the administrator could click on the calendar system. Click 'next' or 'prev' to move to next month and previous month.

Current Cash

The current transaction report will show the administrator the current amount cash located in the cash drawer. Administrator at any time could ask the staff to calculate and verify the amount in the cash register.

Daily Report

The daily report will show the shift details. From here administrator could click on Transaction Log, Daily Report Pitch, Daily Report Drinks, Daily Report Lights, Daily Report Logs, and staff in charge.

Daily Transaction Report

Daily Report Transaction will contains the history for all transaction log. If the administration have any discrepancy then the administrator could check the log history.

Daily Pitch Report

Daily Pitch Report will show the statistics of field type being played. This report is only for that data collected by a counter. To get the overall report gathered by all counter, see Total Report Pitches.

Daily Drinks Report

Daily Drinks Report will show the statistic of drinks being consumed on that particular date.


Daily Light Report

This will shows the lights being switched on or off.

Daily Activity Report

This will show the activity log

Daily Booking Log

This will show the booking log (whose cancel whose).

Summary Report

The summary will shows the shift sales, pitches and drinks on one page. Administrator could print this form and keep it for reference.

Total Report

The total report is the combination of summary report in all counter. If there are more than 1 counter.

There are also graphs to visualize the profit or 'loss'.

Total Report on Pitches


Total Report on Drinks