Starting the Application

To login to the system, enter your username and password and press ‘Go’ button, you will be presented by the main page. You will be see row of tabs consisting of Field Bookings, Payment, Lighting, Administration, Waiting List, Ban List.

Booking Pitch 

To book a pitch, click the " Field Bookings" tab, you will notice that the Field Title is changed. Then, highlight the slot which will be used, and click the Book Slot button. 

Password required to continue, enter your username and password.

A window will appear for you to prompt the Name of the booker, Phone and Organization.

click OK to submit the booking

The booker name and phone number will appear on the name field name and telephone field name

Information: You cannot book booked slot, to replace the name. Please clear the slot first.

Booking Pitch for Members

To book a pitch by members, place the membership ID on the members ID tab. Then the system will enter the Name, Phone Number, and the Organization in the character fields  automatically. Press OK to accept.

If you forget the Members ID, you could simply search for it by 'clicking' the '>' button.

Clear Booking

Sometimes, you may need to cancel booking, or someone else wants to use the slot.
Select the time slot and press ‘Clear Slot’.

Password required to continue, enter your username and password.

You need to add some confirmation, on why you need to clear the slots. Press ‘OK’ and the slot will be cleared.

Slot Logging

The slot activity will be logged, this will show when a staff book a slot, delete a slot, adding an extra time, or deleting an extra time. The examples below show that slot activity of what we have changed.

Pitch Payment

To pay for a slot go to Field Bookings tab, select the designated date, time and field. Click Slot Payment. The window will automatically switch to the Payment tab. If you want to select another slot, switch to Field Bookings and repeat the same procedure.

Information: The system would not allow you to pay for non-booked slot.

Click ‘Pay’ after you have satisfied with the total amount. If you want to delete selected item highlight the item, and press ‘Delete’. If you want to reset the list, press ‘Reset’


Enter the amount given by the customer. The change will automatically will be shown. Incorrect amount will not open the cash drawer.

Click ‘OK’. And the cash drawer will be opened. Click ‘Print Receipt’ if the customer wants it.

Information: Make sure that the printer data and power cables are plugged in and the printer in switched on. Make sure that the green ‘Online’ appear. Make sure that the paper is inserted properly. Not following the procedure will not print the receipt.

Booking Extra Time

To book extra time, right click the mouse menu, and select "add xx minutes extra time".

Password required to continue, enter your username and password.

You will notice an additional 3/4 hour at the next slot.

When you click the "Slot Payment", you will notice that, the Quantity is 1.75, means that 1.75 hour is calculated. and the price will be based on the Price Unit times the Quantity.

Deleting Extra Time

To delete an extra time previously booked, right click the mouse button, and select "clear extra time" menu.

Copy & Paste Slot

To move slot around, or make a duplicate, you could make use of the copy and paste slot features.

Right click the mouse button, and the menu appear. Select "Copy slot." Go to the location where you wanted to duplicate the slot. Right click the mouse button again, and select "Paste slot".

Password required to continue, enter your username and password.

Current Slot Book Indicator

The indicator is the current list of booker is in the field. This allow the staff to access the list more quickly, rather than go to the field list one by one. "Current List" is the current player which is supposed to be in the field. "Previous List" is the previous player which is supposed already played. "Next List" is the next team player which is supposed to be in the field.

Important Information

There are some restrictions that have been imposed to generate a 'cheat free environment'

  1. The staff cannot delete the slot if the time has lapsed.
  2. Every changes on the system will be logged.


Use of CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste) for when copying data from one slot to another.

Use of P-O-I-U-Y-T-R-E-W (look at the keyboard, they are on the upper most characters ) to select pitches in pictures.