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SportsQ Booking System - FAQ
I already have a cash drawer. Could it be used with your software?
An existing cash drawer could be used if the cash drawer is using serial cable for communication, and only received one command to open it. However we suggest you try your cash drawer using our trial version. 

I don't have a serial port on my PC. Could I use the USB to Serial converter to communicate with the cash drawer?
You could use the USB to Serial Converter, but we have some cases that the USB converter got reset, and the port number are changing, which you will need to change the port number manually in the initialization file. You could also purchase a PCI serial port extender separately.

I already received the serial number, where should I use it?
You should key in the serial number during installation of SportsQ booking manager.

From your diagram in the "details' page", it shows that I need a separate server to store the information?
The server is just for those who could afford extrIf you in a tight budget, you could configure one of the client to act as a server. The hardware requirements is still the same.

I've downloaded and installed your software, how to customize the layout?
Go to support page, under customization guide.

You stated that the light switching system is customized, we are currently in USA/different country, how is for you to support us, who is going to install the electrical box?
The light switching system is simply connected to your switching box. We only trigger the on/off action from the booking system. We will give you the light switching box, and you just need to ask an electrician to connect the box and your light control panel as parallel configuration. The details is in the detail's page. Software support will be given by email. Please consult the webpage if any technical issue arise.

We only require the booking system, not the embedded point of sales and the light switching feature. Could you sell us a stripped down version?
The point of sales and the switching system module is integrated with the booking system. We do not suggest you to separate them both, because this will affect the total report at the end of the day and also the monthly report. However we currently developing a stripped down version of the booking system. You will be notified when the product is ready.

I think I had found a software bug, what should I do?
Email us the description of what you have done for the bug to occurs. We are committed to repair the bug as soon as possible.

Upgrades? Do you have them?
We are constantly upgrading the software. You are entitled for free 1 year upgrade from the date of the purchase. After the 1 year lapse, you only need to pay 30% of the current product price every year to ensure that you will get the free upgrade and support.

The client software says that it cannot found the database server. Why is this happens?
This happens only when the client is separated from the server. The server IP address might changes without notice especially when you are using Dynamic IP via DHCP. This could be solved using a fixed ip on the server machine.

The client software appeared slow to update the booking window.
This might happen because you are not using direct IP when refering to the server. i.e you are using the server name. The name will be translated by the DHCP server or your computer. However,sometimes the process of translation is noticeably slow, depending on the type of network. You could detect this condition by 'pinging' the server via its name. If the 'start of reply' is slow, then the problem could be fixed by referring the server via server's direct IP number.



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